Why Orange County Families Should Pursue Compenstion After Wrongful Death

img-wrongful-deathWhen someone has died because of the negligence or even malice of another person in Orange County, it is unlike death from disease or other natural causes.  When someone dies of cancer there is sadness, pain, but the family isn’t left with the knowledge that it was preventable.  There is closure.  When someone has died due to the fault of another or multiple persons, there comes with that death many unanswered questions, and extreme untended rage and sadness.

The family is left with a million “what ifs” and troubling doubts.  They are also left with medical bills and expenses that pile up to present a daily reminder that a life was cut short.  In Orange County wrongful death cases, the families aren’t even seeking money as much as they are seeking justice and answers.  The bills are nothing compared to their loss.  The case is really about closure and doing right by the person they loved, even though they are gone.  As personal injury attorneys we have to be objective about these things and see wrongful death cases from a bird’s eye view.  Seeking settlement is not greed.

It’s not revenge.  There are many reasons to pursue compensation, not all of them having to even do with the victim.

When someone dies because a person or company was neglectful or their product was unsafe, not only was their life robbed, but in many cases their family’s.  Losing a parent or spouse, losing a child—these things are the only things in life that truly matter.  Someone has taken all of what you value from you.  People don’t recover from these things.  That loss is always there.  As personal injury attorneys we are one part lawyer, one part counselor.

We understand that no amount of money will ever compensate someone for the loss of a loved one.  It’s never about that.  Wrongful death cases are about these things:

  • Compensation for medical bills
  • Prevention
  • Justice

There are many reasons to pursue compensation for a wrongful death, and all of them are credible.  In addition to the loss of love, company, and affection that occurs when the people we love pass, there are other, immediate concerns that are also left for families to deal with alone.  People who have lost someone they love unexpectedly also have financial difficulties, as well.  Medical deductibles, loss of income that usually went to support the household, and event debts are all transferred to the remaining families members to deal with.  It makes finding closure next to impossible.

Beyond those concerns is also the fact that without someone pushing back, and forcing justice there will be others who potentially could be injured through this same process of neglect.  By taking a stand, it reduces the chances that others will be hurt.  Take for example, asbestos and mesothelioma cases—had no one fought back, asbestos might have continued to be used and a generation of people fall to cancerous sickness.

Oftentimes, people are judged because they ask for justice in monetary terms, but that stems from a type of prejudice that is unnecessary to inflict upon the grieving.  The truth is that there is no amount of money that can replace life, all that the money does is provide a means to pay bills, establish financial security, and force the person or business whose actions caused the death to fully understand that error and not repeat it in the future.  There is no happy ending when someone you love dies.  All that a wrongful death case does is ameliorate some of the difficulties that exist in the aftermath of a loved one’s death.